Become a member and join our effort to preserve this vital and

beautiful area.




How much does it cost to join Friends of Dragon Run?


The cost of membership starts at $25.  There are additional

membership levels at $50, $100, $200, and other.   A

lifetime membership is granted to individuals who

contribute $1,000 or more.   Membership begins 

January 1 and ends December 31.


What if I join later in the year? Will I have to pay the full fee?

If you join after July 1, your membership fee will be $12.50.  If you join during the last quarter of the year, you will pay the full fee which will cover your membership dues for the coming year.  And, there will be no membership cost for the remaining months.


Are my dues and contributions tax deductible?

Friends of Dragon Run, Inc. is a non-profit corporation with status under Section 501_C)_3) of the Federal International Revenue code.  Your membership dues and donations are tax deductible within the provisions of the law.


What will my membership dues be used for?


Your dues will be used for land purchases, management and stewardship expenses, paddle equipment purchases and repairs, and operating costs such as taxes and insurance.

Why should I join FODR?

As a member of Friends of Dragon Run you will be taking an active role in preserving this pristine waterway. You will be protecting ancient bald cypress trees, threatened species of birds and plants, such as Prothonotary Warblers and Feather Foil, as well as hundreds of other species of plants and animals.  And, you’ll have the opportunity to become involved as a volunteer or participant in FODR land stewardship activities, nature walks, and other activities.

Members receive our newsletter and are the first to know about programs, events, and paddle trips.  Membership enables you to join the paddle and logistics crew and provides opportunities for special sales such as kayaks and merchandise.









                                                                Photos by Teta Kain


Mail checks to:

Friends of Dragon Run, Inc.

P. O. Box 882

Gloucester, VA. 23061